Shafts with water-gauge allow access to the water-gauge and other pipe fittings with external water-gauge. Due to the high quality, good tightness, light weight, easy installation and good prices, semi prefabricated polyester shafts are mostly used.

Shafts with water-gauge can be purchased with complete pipework or just waterproof opening pipes and pipe fittings with a water-gauge attached to the stand.


  • Bosnian and Herzegovinian product,
  • Long lifespan,
  • Not sensitive to low and high temperatures,
  • High static load,
  • Long-term stability and low wear,
  • Excellent chemical resistance,
  • Wide product range,
  • Small weight makes installation easier,
  • Easy maintenance.


Shaft with water-gauge is buried container that protects the gauge from freezing and allows its readings. There can be pipe valve with multiple water-gauges in the shaft.


Shaft for measuring flow of water is placed in a construction pit with sand foundation. Pit depth has to be in accordance with the height of pipe connections and height of the shaft (if there are ground waters nearby, wreath at the bottom of the shaft should be be attached to the concrete panel).

After setting shaft pressure pipes are pulled into inlets and closed using the attached rubber seals. Next, previously prepared protection pipes are pushed over the pressure pipes. Pressure pipes in the shaft are then attached to the armature with a water-gauge.