Septic tank is used for collection and partial treatment of sanitary fecal wastewater.

Types of septic tanks:

  • septic tanks without flow for waste water from households,
  • septic tanks with flow for waste water from households.

Kinds of septic tanks:

  • single-chamber,
  • two-chamber,
  • three-chamber.


The volume of septic tanks with no flow for dry toilets is 500 liters per person, and for waste water from households 3000 liters per person. Flow septic tank has a capacity of 2000 liters per person. Flow septic tank for 10 persons has two chambers, and for more than 10 people three chambers. In septic tank with flow, waste water is partially purified and drained into absorption shaft.

In septic tanks anaerobic biodegradation takes place. Outpour from three-chamber septic tank is cleaner and less odor. Septic tank must be emptied at least once a year.

Septic tanks can be used for a maximum of 50 people. Wastewater drainage from flow septic tanks into surface water is not allowed, because the output parameters are not in accordance with:

Regulation of conditions for discharging wastewater into the environment and public sewage system (“Službeni list FBiH”, br. 101/15, 1/16), Ordinance on conditions for discharging wastewater into surface waters (“Službeni glasnik RS”, br. 44/01).


Septic tanks are used as a temporary solution for waste water drainage where
sewer construction is planned.
Characteristics of septic tanks are:

  • Bosnia-Herzegovina’s product,
  • Testing of mechanical properties according to EN 976-1,
  • made of reinforced polyester, lower weight for easier installation,
  • long lifetime of use,
  • the possibility of installation in floodplains, homogenous wall structure, water tightness,
  • excellent price-quality ratio,
  • excellent chemical resistance,
  • high static load capacity,
  • partial biological activity,
  • suitable for installation in impassable and transport surfaces without additional concreting,
  • device is buried in ground which means that there is no influence of outside temperature (summer – winter).


before entering the septic tank it is necessary to ventilate it for one hour at least, it is obligatory to have two people when entering, use quality rubber gloves when making contact with waste water.