Oil skimmer prevents oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, lubricants, heating oil and other substances to leak in the natural environment. These substances have a lower specific weight than water, which is used as a principle of oil skimmer functioning. Using gravity and integrated coalescent filter it separates light liquids and sludge from water. Oil skimmer does not separate substances soluble in water or stable emulsion because that requires chemical processing. Their use is mandatory at all gas stations, parking lots, car washes, mechanic shops and other places where there is a risk of leakage of light liquid into nature. Oil skimmer Aquareg conforms to the standard EN 858 1-2.


  • Bosnian and Herzegovinian product,
  • Long lifespan,
  • Not sensitive to low and high temperatures,
  • High static load,
  • Long-term stability and low wear,
  • Excellent chemical resistance,
  • Wide product range,
  • Industrial production,
  • Easy maintenance.


Wastewater first flows into the sludge tank, where the water slows down, solid particles (e.g., sand, silt) are being separated and collected at the bottom of the tank. Contaminated water is then drained through special polypropylene plates in oil skimmer. Larger droplets of light liquids are collected and combined on the boards and because of their smaller specific weight they are lifted to the surface. Smaller droplets are separated from the water by coalescence filters. The treated water then exits through the drain. Waste water purified in oil skimmer Aquareg does not contain more than 5 mg light liquid per liter of water. Thus, purified water may be merged to surface waters in conformity with European standards. Oil skimmer conforms to the standard EN 858 1-2. All the calculations and checks required had been made.


Light liquid separator is installed near the source of contaminated water. Separators are usually buried, they can be freestanding, but installing indoors is not advised. Buried separators can be installed on transit or non-transit areas. Light liquids separator must be accessible for maintenance and emptying. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that light liquids do not come out of the separator.