When building sewer lines, sewage pumping stations are planned for pumping wastewaters. Wastewater needs to be pumped out to equalize height differences or because of too big distance in case of too small decline. Pumping station includes: shaft, submersible centrifugal pumps, level switches, non-return valve, stop valve, pressure pipeline, ladders, platform, protective bars and cover.


  • Bosnian and Herzegovinian product,
  • Long lifespan,
  • Not sensitive to low and high temperatures,
  • High static load,
  • Long-term stability and low wear,
  • Excellent chemical resistance,
  • Wide product range,
  • Small weight makes installation easier,
  • Easy maintenance.


Pumping station consists of one or more chambers. Basic version of pumping station consists of one chamber with pumps. Additional chamber serves as a retention pool, treatment shaft or to reduce the load. Wastewater flows through the drainage sewer pipe (there may be more of them) down to the lower part of the shaft, which is called pumping station. Damages or blockages in shaft and airflow can be prevented by mounting the grid at the entrance of the supply pipes.

When level in the pumping chamber reaches a certain height, then pumps are engaged. Pumps include level switches and adequate sensor. Size of the pumping chamber and the level necessary for engaging the pump is calculated with respect to the amount of flow capacity of the pump or number of pump starts per hour. In pumping station there are always two pumps so in the case that one fails, satisfactory operation of pumping station is still ensured with second one. Pressure line is equipped with a check valve, which prevents the return of water from the pressure line back to the pumping station. Shut-off valve in the discharge line is engaged in the event of pump. Cleaning and maintenance of the pumping station is possible with built-in platform to which one goes down by the mounted stairs.


Pumping station can be installed on transit or non-transit area with axial load of up to 125 KN. At the bottom of the construction pit concrete base must be prepared, which must be aligned with the inlet depth, and height of the pumping station. Pumping station is installed on the concrete base and anchored, then armature is placed on top of it, and after that concrete is poured over and concrete cornice is paved. After filling the pumping station and compacting the filling material are completed, reinforced concrete slab is created on transit or non-transit area.