Boat Didon 440

It is adaptive, open vessel for fishing and recreation. It presents a blend of tradition and contemporary relation man – sea.
Due to its specific hull this boat can glide fast or slowly.

It is one of the few boats of that length which is really self-discharged. It has a double bottom and self- discharged cockpit. While the boat is on the link all the water (rain) goes out through the cockpit hatch. In the middle of the cockpit at the stern there is one outlet pipe for draining cockpit with natural outpouring.

The boat is very stable because it has a prominent keel, and flat rear bottom. It has a closed bow that is reinforced so there is no danger of cracking at the entrance to the boat. That closed bow at the same time allows saving the necessary equipment for fishing and boating.

Two versions are available:

  • version with manual steering – outboard motor
  • version with console – remote controls